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Karya Zulkifli Shafie

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Why is gold so valuable? From a historical perspective:•           One dinar gold coin (4.25 grams of gold) was sufficient to buy a goat 1400 years ago, during the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Even today, the same exchange can relatively be achieved between one dinar coin and a goat. The pur..
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Misi Bebas Hutang
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Misi Bebas HutangISBN: 978-983-097-735-5Penulis: Mohd Zulkifli ShafieKod: GB0490Tebal: 232 msHarga: RM20.00/ RM22.00 SINOPSISBukan mudah, tapi ia tidak mustahil. Sesiapa sahaja mampu bebas daripada hutang jika ada ilmu, kesedaran dan keazaman yang kuat. ..
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